Christian Mission Hospital Rajshahi

Our Campus



Christian Mission Hospital Rajshahiis situated in the divisional city of Rajshahi. Its address is: Christian Mission Hospital (CMH), Natore Road, Sreerampur, Rajshahi 6000, Bangladesh.

It is a picturesque roadside location with main hospital building standing on the southern side of Rajshahi-Chapainababgonjmain road, on western side of the Radio Bangladesh Rajshahi Centre. With decorated flower beds, the hospital campus also includes an enclave for car parking, a vast area for vegetable gardening and some working area for additional support services like waste disposal, washing, electricity generator, etc. Besides the hospital building, CMHR has residences for senior staff of the hospital.

It has several staff quarters and cultivable land inside too. The total land inside CMHR hospital and Nursing Institute premises constitute about 19 (?) acres.


Nursing Institute

With Christian Mission Hospital, a Nursing Training Institute, called Elizabeth Conan Memorial Nursing Institute, was established in 1973. The Nursing Institute of the hospital was recognized as an accredited institution by the government in 1973. Each year on average the school graduates 50 senior-trained female and male nurses. These nurses have been serving in various clinics and hospitals of this country and abroad. The Nursing Institute is dedicated

o To train young women and men to be capable, conscientious, and compassionate nurses. (Constitutional policy)
o To provide (for female students) a three -year senior nurse and midwifery training programme that is registered under the Bangladesh Nursing Council.
o To provide (for male students) a three-year senior nurse training programme that is registered under the Bangladesh Nursing Council
o To provide a nursing student hostel environment that promotes mature behavior, cooperation, honesty, kindness, and positive self-esteem.
o To provide nurses training for young persons from any community in Bangladesh.
o To provide a supportive environment for the spiritual development of all staff and students.


Church and Priest quarter

In addition to the above, there is the City Church,close to CMHR Hospital and Nursing Institute and within the same land boundary. City Church is basically a renowned and ancient Christian Worship House in the city of Rajshahi. The priest quarter of the church is also there too.

As both CMHR and City Church are under Church of Bangladesh they share a common Christian Mandate. Both have collaborative relationship in many aspects.